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1993 Harris 705 Pacesetter
saddle stitcher
includes five P15 feeder, one
FF100 cover feeder, three
knife trimmer, standard
delivery, 4th & 5th knife kit,
three standard Hohrner
stitcher heads, four mini
heads.  Complete, cleaned
and serviced.
Lots of extra parts.
Rated at 13,000 BPH
Acme N3B Heavy Duty
Pedestal Stitcher Handle
work up to 2-1/2"
Interlake 1//4" stitcher for
flat or saddle
1999 Interlake Model
S3A-7/8" for flat or saddle
stitching from 2 sheets up
to 7/8"
Bostitch Bronco 2AW-1/4"
stitcher for flat or saddle
1994 Muller Minuteman
saddle stitcher complete
with 4 or 6 pockets, cover
feeder, three rebuilt heads,
3-knife trimmer, batch count
delivery table, and blower
scrap removal system.