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The most important part of your folder is the rollers.  
So why are you still putting more and more tape on them?
Signs of Worn Rollers:
  • Inconsistent Folding
  • Wrinkled Paper
  • Marked Paper
JAS Has You Covered!

Ask about our unique
exchange program for
Stahl and Baum folder

We keep all of the most
popular sizes and band
configurations in stock!
What we can Recover:
All Stahl Models
All Baum Models
Kick-out Wheels
Pull out Collars
Segmented Glue Rollers
Horizon Fold Rollers
All of our recovered rolls will be done in our signature orange polyurethane or black rubber.
Note, we do not recover spiral rolls, nor do we do soft poly.  However, we do have new rollers in this style.
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Good as new with a better than new price!